This digital disc carries the complete volume set of the St. Ansgar's Bulletin, scanned into PDF form from both the original archived documents and remaining copies. This informative and illuminating collection begins in 1910. A Bulletin follows for each year, save for 2009, which was combined into the League's final 2010 issue. Each yearly electronic issue is fully bookmarked, listing every article with convenient links to each. Three Tables of Contents accompany this century-long compendium, listing all entries alphabetically, by year and finally by author.
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Scandinavia is but a small part of the world. The Catholic Church in these countries is a still smaller minority, and Catholics of Scandinavian origin in the United States are almost invisible. For this tiny group of people, St. Ansgar's Catholic League has been a point of reference, a place to meet, its Bulletin an important source of communication and an instrument of information.

Frode Rambusch, Gustave V. Linder, Alexander Amann, and Albert Smith founded the League at the request of Archbishop John Farley of New York and Bishop McDonald of Brooklyn. At that time, the St. Ansgar's Bulletin came into being with the new League's Summarized Account of its Activities, February, 1910 to February, 1913. With the 100th Anniversary issue having completed its mission, the League ceased its publication in 2010.

For a century, the Bulletin has been the only publication about the Catholic Church in Scandinavia. Let us joyfully celebrate the League's completion of 100 years service to those of Scandinavian heritage in this country, and to the Catholic Church in Scandinavia.